The Super Toyworld Crafts Expo

The Super Toyworld Crafts Expo facilitates the promotion of new and old crafts through competition, exhibition, demonstrations, education and sale of works. It enables exhibitors of all ages and all skill levels to showcase their unique craft exhibits and compete for the ultimate accolade of Champion of Champions of the Crafts Expo.

The theme of the 2017 Super Toyworld Crafts Expo is “ZIG ZAG ZEST”.

The Super Toyworld Crafts Expo caters for around 20 different crafts, including a special subsection for those with disabilities. With around 1400 entries each year, the Crafts Expo is one of the most entered Sections of the Show. The quality of the exhibits is testimony to the hours of dedication and workmanship of exhibitors in their respective crafts. Importantly, the Crafts Expo also caters for those who are just willing ‘to have a go’!  All exhibits are judged (unless disqualified) and all exhibits are displayed.

The Royal Canberra Show Crafts Expo (Map Ref E9) opens from 8.30am to 8.00pm on Friday and Saturday and from 8.30am to 6.00pm on Sunday.

2017 Crafts Expo Entries

Download a specific subsection

Each subsection within the Crafts Expo caters for all skill levels including:

  • Beginners (less than 2 years experience in that craft);
  • Non-Professional (more than 2 years experience in that craft);
  • Professional (those that make a living out of their craft);
  • Seniors (non-professional, more than 65 years of age);
  • Students (including College, High School and Primary levels);
  • Children (not yet at School).

How Do I enter the Super Toyworld Crafts Expo?

Entry forms are distributed with the Crafts Expo Schedule which can be obtained from:

1. If you entered the Crafts Expo at last year’s ActewAGL Royal Canberra Show, and requested a Crafts Expo Schedule be posted to you, then the Schedule along with an entry form, will be sent to you in August this year.

2. If you entered the Crafts Expo at last year’s ActewAGL Royal Canberra Show, and requested a Crafts Expo Schedule be emailed to you, then a link to the Schedule along and Craft Entry Form, will be emailed to you in August this year.

3. Otherwise, the 2017 Crafts Expo Schedule and Entry Form can be downloaded here.

Crafts Expo Entry Process:


Read the Conditions of Entry on page 6 and Special Conditions of Entry for each Craft Sub section.

  1. Complete the enclosed Craft Section Entry Form and deliver to the RNCAS Office with the Entry Fees by 21st December 2016.

  2. Your payment will be processed by the RNCAS Office. We accept cash, cheque, credit card and direct transfer payments.

  3. Your exhibitor and exhibit details (as per your Entry Form) will be entered into the Crafts Expo database by the Crafts Expo Section Head.

  4. Between the 16th and 23rd of January 2017, you will be sent your Exhibitor Details Letter and your Exhibit Identification Tags either by post or by email, whichever you have indicated on your Entry Form. (Refer “Crafts Expo Schedule, Exhibitor Details Letter and Exhibit Identification Tags” part of the Craft Section Entry Form). We encourage exhibitors to receive their documents via email.

  5. If receiving your Exhibitor Details Letter and Exhibit Identification Tags by Email, regularly check your Inbox, Spam and Junk folders for the user “Crafts Expo” during the period 16 – 23 January 2017.

  6. Check that the information on your Exhibitors Details Letter and Exhibit Identification Tags is correct. If it is not correct, contact the RNCAS Office.

  7. If you have NOT received your Exhibitor Details Letter and Exhibit Identification Tags by 31st January 2017, contact the RNCAS Office immediately.

  8. Attach the Exhibit Identification Tags to the relevant exhibits.


Delivery of Exhibits

(Bring your Exhibitor Details Letter along with your exhibits):

Deliver your exhibits:

  1. either in person to the Coorong Pavilion EPIC between 10am and 12 noon on Sunday 19th February 2017;   OR


    by post to the RNCAS Office, to reach the RNCAS Office no later than COB Thursday 17th February 2017.

  3. NOTE: The Craft Section Head must be contacted for alternate delivery arrangements.

  4. NOTE: If required, please provide all display structures (eg stand, mannequin) for your exhibits.


Collection of Exhibits

(You MUST bring your Exhibitor Details Letter with you as proof of exhibit ownership):

Collect your exhibits:

  1. either in person at the Coorong Pavilion EPIC between 8am and 10am on Monday 27th February 2017 (strictly NO ADMITTANCE to the Coorong Pavilion by exhibitors before 8am);   OR

  2. by a person nominated by the Exhibitor. Please state this on your entry form and the name of the person. This person must bring along the Exhibitor Details Letter to be able to collect the exhibits;   OR 

  3. exhibits sent by post will be posted back to the Exhibitor by COD, unless other postal arrangements have been made with the Craft Section Head;   OR

  4. for those exhibitors living outside the Canberra/Queanbeyan area, exhibits can be collected on Sunday 26th February 2017 between 7pm & 7:30pm ONLY if Sunday collection has been requested on the Entry Form. Exhibitors requesting Sunday collection will be sent a special pass, with their Exhibitor Details Letter, which must be presented at the entrance to the Coorong Pavilion to gain entry.

  5. exhibits not collected will be returned to the RNCAS Office.  The RNCAS will not be responsible for exhibits not collected by 4.30pm Tuesday 28 February 2017.

  6. the Exhibitor Details Letter will be kept by the RNCAS as proof that the exhibitor has taken possession of their exhibit(s).

  7. NOTE: The Craft Section Head must be contacted for alternate collection arrangements.

2017 Super Toyworld Crafts Expo Showbags

2017 Crafts Expo ShowbagNew for the 2017 Crafts Expo, will be our Crafts Expo Showbags!

Our Crafts Expo Showbag is a smart looking jute bag decorated with a colorful crocheted flower. The bag will be filled with a plethora of goodies for the whole family including a Craft magazine, pottery, LEGO, craft material, craft tools, vouchers & much much more.

The value for money Showbags will be on sale from the Crafts Expo Information & Sales Stand. Be quick to purchase one so you do not miss out! There are only 250 available.


Crafts Expo Newsletter

The Crafts Expo has a new Newsletter!  It is called “Crafts Expo-sure” and will be published 3 times a year. It will provide a gamut of information on the Crafts Expo plus more.

Sell your Exhibits!

Remember, you can sell your exhibits at the Crafts Expo. Just complete the relevant parts of the Crafts Expo Entry Form and read the associated conditions of sale.

Require further information?

If you require further information on the Crafts Expo, please contact the Royal National Capital Agricultural Society on 02 6241 2478 or email

Are you interested in sponsoring a prize?

The Crafts Expo offers a number of sponsorship levels, each having an associated package of benefits. We acknowledge that organisations become sponsors for many different reasons. As such, we will work with you to develop a sponsorship package specific to your needs, one that will facilitate the achievement of your business outcomes.

The Crafts Expo has a large number of sponsors who provide sponsorship in the form of money, vouchers and merchandise. We thank our sponsors for their continued support and generosity.

Want to know more? Call our office on (02) 6241 2478 or email us at


No dogs are permitted.
If you bring a dog, you will be asked to leave.
Your entries will be cancelled and there will be NO refund given.


Unauthorised vehicles are not permitted to park on the grounds.
Any vehicles on the grounds will be asked to move or will be referred to security.

For more information, please read our Exhibitor Vehicle Policy here.